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Our Processes

Starting a Project
Every organization and every project has unique needs when it comes to quality and software testing. We work closely with every potential customer to understand their needs and deliver the right solution, including a custom qa testing service relevant to their business.

We typically begin a project with a pilot or proof-of-concept (POC) that demonstrates our processes and results to give you the confidence to engage in a larger project. POC’s range from approximately 6 weeks for manual testing projects, to 8 weeks for automated testing projects. Experience has shown this to be an appropriate amount of time to demonstrate how everything fits and how we would work together to achieve your objectives.
Starting a Manual Testing Project
Our test engineers will manually test your application based on a series of tests you provide, or ones we create and you approve. Our test engineers design and execute tests, write bug and status reports, communicate and deliver results, all of this demonstrates how we can work together on projects.
Starting an Automation Project

Our test automation engineers will work with your team to define and create a scope of work based on your test automation challenge. Our preferred automation technology is our own TestArchitectTM tool. However, we can work any 3rd-party tool of your choice, such as Selenium, UFT or QTP, as well as others.

Automation POC's typically run about eight weeks. In some cases, this might take longer if technology challenges are present with your application under test (AUT), i.e.: object recognition technology or platform support not readily available to support the AUT. Should this be the case, we immediately advise you of the challenges and propose a solution that makes the most sense.

Consulting Projects
When you have a vision but are not sure how to solve strategic or complex testing problems, we can provide on-site consulting to help turn your vision into goals, goals into strategy and tactics, and ultimately deliver the results.

We have helped many organizations define and clarify underlying quality problems and then create a roadmap to solve those problems through a combination of technology, methodology, process improvements, and training.

Strategic consulting projects can range from a 10-day intake and discovery project to a long-term process-improvement implementation and/or technology re-engineering assignment.

We also provide a complete training curriculum to sharpen your team's skillset to enable them to fully contribute to your latest software development or production process.


  • Demonstrates how we work together
  • Details processes and procedures
  • Provides confidence in our services
  • Delivers results in a short period of time
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