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A 25 year anniversary provides a unique opportunity to examine the impact Silicon Valley and how people, like Hung, Cem Kaner, and many others, have helped to set the standard for software testing-not just here in Silicon Valley, but globally
While all developers strive for bug-free code, it’s particularly crucial in a blockchain deployment where sensitive data or other confidential info is being exchanged, such as in health care or finance.
LogiGear CTO – Hans Bulwada, shared his thoughts on the question "What are some real-world problems being solved by automated testing?"
With the question "What are the keys to using automated testing to improve speed, quality, and security?", there’s a wide variety of answers from our respondents with little to no agreement.
To understand the current and future state of automated testing, we spoke to 14 IT professionals intimately familiar with automated testing. We asked them, "What are the most significant changes to automated testing over the last year?"
Lack of proper planning and strategy and the slow speed of automated test execution are only a few of the most common failures you see affecting the automation of testing. Here’s the sharings from 14 IT professionals intimately familiar with automated testing.
Software testing and test automation solutions provider LogiGear has opened a new office in Tokyo, its third regional office in the Asia-Pacific region.
This marks the third regional office located in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and will expand its management capabilities for APAC operations.
Check out the 10 most-viewed articles of LogiGear Magazine, which provide you a helpful check-list from the principles to integrate efficient techniques into your work to the latest trends and methods for your testing.
Lina Parness runs the Alliances and Partnerships program for LogiGear and has more than 15 years experience helping companies expand partner programs and business development channels. She took time to speak with Software Business Growth about how she helped build the Partner Program at LogiGear, as well as the unique challenges that come with working with large partners such as Oracle.