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One of the hottest trends in the software testing world is mobile testing. As mobile devices come to resemble computers more and more, the complexity of mobile applications has followed suit. Numerous operating systems and device sizes make testing these applications increasingly difficult.

We’ve published a few magazines on mobile testing and thought it would be helpful to put everything in one place for easy reference. Here, you can find articles, book reviews, videos and interviews from some of the industry’s thought-leaders such as Julian Harty, Edward Hill, Gal Tunik and Robert V. Binder. We hope that this resource center will help you save time and money in your mobile testing efforts!


Gal Tunik explains the necessity of test automation in mobile applications, citing the unique challenges that that platform raises, including the intricate differences between mobile and desktop interfaces, and performance test results for applications as well as mobile networks.
CEO and founder of mVerify Corporation, Robert V. Binder, tackles questions from field testers regarding such issues as strategic considerations when dealing with single stack apps versus globalized enterprise mobile apps, methods, and tools that developers and testers should be aware of. He also offers his own advice from lessons learned from experience.
Devices matter. We don’t yet trust the mobile devices like we trust desktops and laptops. In the course of testing traditional web applications, rarely do you have to think about the model of the actual machine. In mobile, however, the behaviour of an application can vary from device to device. You can no longer just think about browser/OS combinations.
The phenomenal growth of smartphones has opened up avenues for organizations to integrate the devices into the mainstream computing environment. Today’s mobile applications manage to deliver complex functionality on platforms that, by themselves, have limited resources for computing.
What you need to know in order to have effective and reliable test automation for your mobile apps
Test engineers face a rapidly changing mobile application landscape, making mobile test automation a necessity. 
We know that mobile apps are becoming increasingly complex along with the technological advances in tablets and smartphones.
The most significant facet of mobile testing is understanding the mobile ecosystem. 
Mobile applications are growing in use and sophistication along with the speed of the networks and the increasing power of the devices. To be sure, mobile application testing can be done with minimal automation, but a high level of test automation will help assure the best quality mobile applications.

25% of Americans own a tablet. Up from 11% of U.S. adults in July of 2011 to 18% in January of 2012.
– Pew Internet & American Life Project

Nigeria has close to 100 million mobile phone lines, making it Africa’s largest telecoms market.
– Nigerian Communications Commission

Organizations need to implement automated testing strategies designed specifically for mobile applications.
Platform – A computing platform includes a hardware architecture and a software framework (including application frameworks), where the combination allows software, particularly application software, to run. Typical platforms include a computer architecture, operating system, programming languages, related user interface, and tools.
Testing appears to be the least popular topic in Android development circles based on the relatively few books on Android app testing. Most tend to focus on development because, unfortunately (but true), application testing isn’t be something most developers think much about, or if they do, they don’t do it systematically (I’m guilty of this as well). This book has allowed me to expand my horizon by learning from the pros.
The outbreak of smartphones and tablets forces us to be digitally available with speed. Keeping pace with communication tool developments, Lindiwe Vinson defines the methods used at Organic, Inc. where she leads her team discovering bugs using various key programs for both PC and Mac platforms.

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