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Cross Platform Test Automation

In order to support the rapid release schedules in Continuous Delivery/DevOps development method, automated testing must shift from a GUI extensive approach to a UI-and-API approach. Unlike GUI testing, API testing can be started much earlier in the development process. API tests run much faster and are much more stable than GUI tests. Executing API tests early in the development cycle can provide quick feedback on application quality. To reap the full benefits of API testing, testers need to go beyond record-and-playback. More advanced practices, such as coding tests, mocking/stubbing unavailable services, leveraging Docker containers, and running APIs tests in CI/CD pipelines, ensure you make the most out of API Testing.

Why LogiGear?

With extensive experience in API testing, from SOAP-based enterprise web services, to the modern RESTful/ micro services architecture, LogiGear has helped clients reduce software delivery cycles by implementing API Testing. We offer comprehensive APIs testing services, including functional and non-functional testing, to help you kick-start, speed up, and scale your API testing efforts while reducing costs.

LogiGear API Testing Services

Our API testing services cover the followings:

  • API testing tools/frameworks evaluation, selection, and customization
  • API test case scripting and services mocking
  • Micro Services/REST/SOAP, JSON/XML, HTTP/HTTPs, Basic Auth/ OAuth, etc.
  • API testing in CI/CD/DevOps environment and cloud environments
  • API functional testing, data testing, interoperability testing, and load testing
  • Public API testing: developer experience testing and documentation testing

Ready to Transform your Testing Process with API Testing?

LogiGear ‘s solution includes proprietary and open source tools, as well as Automation professionals that work intimately with our clients to understand their specific pain-points, and then create a tailored Automation solution that can provide outstanding ROI.

  • API test strategy: Through a proof of concept (POC), LogiGear consultants will audit your existing testing process, test suites, and test execution infrastructure to establish a roadmap for implementing and scaling API testing.
  • Tools and frameworks: Our Automation experts can work with your preferred API testing tools, our prebuilt frameworks, or we can help you select and customize the tool to fit your needs.
  • Specialized API Testing Experts: Our technical testers have extensive experience working with leading test tools, both open source and proprietary, including Postman, SOAP UI, MicroFocus UFT, our own TestArchitect, and from other vendors. We also have engineering capacity to extend those tools beyond its existing capabilities to address your unique Automation issues.
  • Recommend Automation best practices: Our consultants recommend and help implement the best practices to increase productivity, reduce post-production issues, create re-usable artifacts, and improve testing. This is achieved by setting up effective communication processes, creating or enhancing existing artifacts for future use, and creating a knowledge repository for cross-functional training.
  • Test execution: We can help you run regression tests using VMs, Docker containers, or cloud services. We recommend executing API tests as part of the CI/CD pipeline to provide quick feedback on software quality.
  • Scalability and Maintainability: Our experience has shown that test design is the single most important factor in building a scalable and maintainable Automaton program. We employ test design best practices to ensure the optimal reusability & maintainability across business units’ projects.
  • Maintenance and Support: We can work with your in-house team to maintain the API test suites on an as-need basis, or provide best practices to let this happen in house.
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