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Testing Games

Games Testing Service Offering

Games Testing isn’t just gathering a bunch of university students together and trying to ‘break a product’ before it hits the market. Games Testing is a highly technical area of testing and requires thought and precision. With the explosion of gaming, having a thorough strategy for your game to have the best UX is essential. LogiGear has had several clients in the games and gaming industry, and we have helped them effectively test their product. No matter how technical your game is, we’ll work closely with you to precisely understand your testing needs and then develop the right engagement model and test strategy.
A Games Testing project typically includes:

Functional Testing

Game Rules & AIs

Game Levels


Social Media Integration


Compatibility Testing

OS & Browsers

Console Devices

Mobile Devices

Performance Testing

Rendering Performance

Load & Stress Testing

Memory & Battery

Additional Testing

Installation & Upgrade



Music & Sound

Test Automation for Games with TestArchitect

At LogiGear, we embrace Test Automation wherever possible to help our customers release higher quality products at a faster pace. Major game companies have used LogiGear’s Test Automation tool, TestArchitect, to automate their Games Testing.

TestArchitect possesses advanced image recognition technologies to help you automate your Games Testing from the user’s perspective. By using TestArchitect, your testers can also create reusable game actions to build business readable and maintainable tests based on live play/scenarios. This allows your test team to thoroughly test the game through a variety of combinations and permutations.

Our Capabilities

LogiGear has strong capabilities to execute a client’s strategy to ensure high quality, while reducing cost and time to market:

  • Experience in setting up Games Testing labs to effectively test our client’s products.
  • Specialized game testers with extensive experience in hundreds of games across many genres.
  • Ability to ramp up and down quickly to meet your business objectives.
  • Test Automation with advanced image recognition techniques.
  • Experience in testing the following Gaming platforms:
    • Windows games, Mobile games, online games, Facebook games
    • Gaming consoles: Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
    • Third-party gaming devices/platforms


  • Broad domain expertise
  • Proven processes
  • Ability to ramp up or down quickly