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Load & Performance Testing

Application Performance Challenges

Performance issues are costly to fix when found late in the SDLC. It’s even worse when the delay occurs in production. It frustrates your end-users and customers, lessens their productivity, forces them to abandon your app, and makes you look to your competitors for alternatives. Too often the correction plan involves large-scale changes in the app’s architecture that can take a long time to implement.

Many organizations have realized performance and load testing is critical to delivering a great customer experience. Nevertheless, implementing performance testing strategies still have the remaining challenges:

  • Early prediction of system performance.
  • Custom protocols that are not supported by standard tools.
  • High quality at speed while on a budget.
  • Maximizing performance of current infrastructure.
  • Performance testing requires specialized skill-sets and tools, as well as infrastructure.
  • Find the right scale of test configuration to represent the production configuration.
LogiGear has been helping clients overcome performance testing challenges and deliver apps that meet business objectives: responsiveness, reliability, and resilience with optimum infrastructure.

LogiGear’s Performance Testing Service

  • Comprehensive Approach

    Design realistic and consumer-focused test plan for Load Testing, Stress Testing, Soak Testing, and Spike Testing.

  • Experienced in Various Load Targets

    Web, Mobile, Desktop, SOA, Web Service, API, IoT, SaaS, Database, etc.

  • Strategic Partnership with Leading Tool Vendors

    Microsoft & Neotys are two of our partners who help us ensure that, as our client, you’ll get cost-effective access to best-of-breed solutions and practices.

  • Automated Performance Test Suite

    Develop & maintain an automated performance test suite and execute them with in-house or cloud-based load generators.

  • Continuous Performance Testing

    Test more consistently and earlier by integrating your automated performance tests to your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Expertise with Flexibility

    Leverage our large pool of proficient performance engineers with the right skills on an on-demand basis.

Your Benefits

By partnering with us, you can:
Predict infrastructure needs for different customer growth scenarios.
Stay on top of how your apps behave in different load scenarios accounting holiday traffic, user geographies, etc.
Improve user experience, loyalty, and revenue.
Get performance testing done by experts for lower costs and reduce your time-to-market.
Identify performance bottlenecks early to prevent associated business damages, as well as costly engineering.
Get automated performance testing implemented early and finished within the same iteration with Dev.
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