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Smart Contract Automation Performance Testing

LogiGear’s Turnkey Smart Contract Test Automation Services

Successful Smart Contract Requires Test Automation Expertise & Experience

Smart Contract is the application layer of blockchain, an innovative technology combining many complex algorithms, protocols, and architectures. Whilst a smart contract development background and skills are mandatory to create blockchain applications, the knowledge and experience regarding potential security holes in complicated operating contexts and scenarios of decentralized systems is a key to successful applications. Organizations that make use of smart contract or blockchain, generally either by themselves or by using consultants without the required experience, often hit trapdoors in maintainability and disclose vulnerabilities very soon after implementation. As a result, most cannot keep up with the competition on leveraging blockchain for their business and even miss one of the most important innovations in modern computer science.
Why LogiGear?
Inheriting over 2 decades of developing and implementing a leading Test Automation tool, method, and practices, LogiGear is one of the few firms that specialize in DApp and smart contract development and Test Automation with the depth and breadth of services to help you succeed. We work with you to make smart contract Test Automation become your business competitive edge by continuously releasing higher quality blockchain applications faster.

LogiGear Turnkey Test Automation Services

Our smart contract Test Automation services cover the following:
  • Smart contract test analysis and design
  • Smart contract Test Automation strategy consulting
  • Smart contract Test Automation tool evaluation, and selection
  • Smart contract Test Automation scripting and execution using leading tools, such as Ganache, Truffle, and NodeJS.
  • Smart contract Test Automation for all major blockchain technologies & platforms, including Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Stellar, etc.

In partnership with MOWEDE


MOWEDEPool secures your online investment with an approach that requires less trust while connecting millions of crypto funders and wallets. Transparent smart contracts running on Ethereum set the rules for contributors who join to investing pools to reduce the trust they have to place in the pool owners.

Scope of Work: We developed high-quality Ethereum smart contracts as pools that let users together invest with desired tokens or cryptocurrencies. We also provided a front-end application (web application) and management contracts that allows MOWEDE and users to manage their pools. The deliverables include source code, test design, and scripts.


Technology Stack: Ethereum, Solidity, Ganache, Truffle, Truffle Test, NodeJS, ReactJS, Protractor.

MOWEDE International Trade

MwdIT is a cooperation blockchain network between international trade stakeholders, including importers, exporters, banks, governments, carriers, and logistics. The network simplifies the complex process of international trade utilizing the power of blockchain technology, particularly with Hyperledger Fabric.

Scope of Work: We designed a Hyperledger Fabric network for multiple stakeholders of an international trade and developed a Fabric application (chain-code) to solve various impediments within the trade process, such as sale contract negotiation, Letter of Credit request, Export License application, or Bill Of Lading issue. We also developed front-end applications (websites) for various organizations to interact with the blockchain network.

Technology Stack: Hyperledger Fabric, Fabric Composer, Golang chain-code, NodeJS, ReactJS, and Protractor.

Get Your Test Automation Done Right

Engagement Approach

LogiGear’s solution includes proprietary and open source tools, along with Automation professionals who work intimately with clients to understand the specific pain-points, and then create a tailored Automation solution that can provide outstanding ROI.

  • Smart Contract Test Automation Strategy

    Through a proof of concept (POC), LogiGear consultants work with you to audit your existing smart contract test requirements, testing process, test suites, and test execution infrastructure to establish a roadmap for implementing and scaling Automation. Our domain experts will recommend various valuable tests for your contracts’ business including functionality, security, and performance as well.

  • Tools & Frameworks

    Our Automation experts can work with your preferred tools/frameworks, or our prebuilt frameworks, for smart contract Test Automation. We’re also able to help you evaluate, select, and customize the tool to fit your needs.

  • Specialized Automation Experts

    Our Automation Testers have extensive experience working with leading test tools, including Truffle, Ganache, MetaMask, NodeJS, Protractor, and Hyperledger Composer. We also have the technical expertise to extend these Test Automation tools beyond their existing capabilities to address your unique Automation issues.

  • Recommend Automation Best Practices

    Our consultants can recommend and help you implement best practices to increase your test coverage, stability, create re-usable artifacts, and improve overall testing. This is achieved by setting up effective communication processes, creating or enhancing existing artifacts for future use, and creating a knowledge repository for cross-functional training.

  • Test Execution

    We can help you run Regression Tests for your decentralized applications, smart contracts, or other chain-codes. Additionally, we can help you with VMs, Docker containers, or cloud-based virtualization services, such as AWS and Azure for scaling tests. We can also hand off these automated test cases to your test team to perform test execution if need be.

  • Scalability & Maintainability

    Our experience has shown that test design is the single most important factor in realizing scalable and maintainable Automaton. We employ smart contract test design best practices to ensure the optimal reusability & maintainability across contracts, front-end app, and integration modules.

  • Maintenance & Support

    We can work with your in-house team to maintain the automated test suites on an as-needed basis or provide best practices to let this happen in house.

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