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QA Consulting Services & Testing Strategy

LogiGear Consulting Services

Software Testing and test automation are major enablers for success in software development. Both have been around for many years and are only gaining in importance with the arrival of processes like Agile and DevOps.

However, for many organizations just buying a tool and hiring a number of people isn't enough for a long-term stable and sustainable solution. LogiGear, with its 25+ years of experience in software testing and automated testing, is an expert on this subject and offers a variety of QA trainning services to help clients accelerate the creation and execution of their digital transformation roadmap.

LogiGear Consultants can perform assessments to help create the roadmap, and in general share their knowledge and experience. They can also provide hands-on support in accelerating your digital transformation strategy, integrating software test engineering and automated testing technologies.

Goals of a QA Consulting Engagement

A good first step in a QA consulting approach is to establish your strategic goals with testing and test automation. Here is what others have told us as their challenges:

  • Achieve a higher degree of scalable test automation
  • Build out automation for CI/CD pipeline
  • Improve test coverage
  • Unbreak your test automation
  • Long term maintainability of the tests and their automation
  • Same sprint test automation

LogiGear Engagement Approach

The exact approach in a QA consulting engagement can vary from case to case, but in general we will have two phases: a Strategy Planning phase and a Strategy Execution phase.

Strategy Planning

In the Strategy Planning phase we will focus on understanding your environment, and your strategic goals and timelines for testing and automation. Next we'll help you translate those into a transformation roadmap, with an eye on both short-term wins and long-term goals. For this phase we will use assessments, interviews, planning sessions and pilots. The main deliverables in the planning phase will be a presentation of findings, and a transformation roadmap. The roadmap can entail actions like building the organization, get the necessary skill sets in place, creating scalable and automation-friendly test designs, and establishing a long-term automation solution that is stable and easily maintainable/manageable.

Strategy Execution

In the Strategy Execution phase the focus is on realizing the transformation by executing the roadmap, with the understanding that an upfront roadmap can be a direction, but will need to be flexibly adapt to the needs of teams and stake-holders. In this phase LogiGear can provide the necessary support by providing guidance, conducting workshops and hands-on coaching, all supplemented with any testing and any test automation services needed. the deliverables in this phase depend on the involvement, but in a typical project can include: status reporting, effective and long-term maintainable automated tests, and a process that functions well in your environment, e.g. CI/CD.

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