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Codeless Test Automation

Codeless Test Automation

Code Less, Test More with TestArchitect

Actions are keywords on steroids that enable you to write tests in a plain text, business-readable, domain specific language to create, document, and automate tests all in one step.

A library of 386 (and counting) pre-programmed actions that interact with system, GUI controls, command-line, database, images, and more to fulfill most of your functional testing needs. All come with rich functionalities, such as auto-wait-object that make them ready to be used without scripting.

When needed, user-defined actions can also be scripted in C#, Java, or Python and made ready for the whole team to reuse.

Action’s Rich Functionalities

  • User-defined actions can reuse built-in actions & other user-defined actions for maximum reusability.
  • Platform-agnostic.
  • Auto wait for GUI objects.
  • Wild-card & case sensitive support.
Why Adapting Changes is So Easy with TestArchitect

Apps are developed, changed, and deployed faster than ever. It requires us to be able to adapt to the changing marketplace quickly and effectively. TestArchitect embraces these changes and makes adapting them easy.

Changes are Spotted Quickly

Auto Screenshot recording
Known bugs tracking & result comparison
Adapting UI & Test Step Changes is Effortless
Interface mapping and actions are defined in a single repository, using logical names, making them reusable. This allows you to seamlessly update all related automated tests.

The spreadsheet-like test editor saves you ample time when making changes for these action-based test assets.

Scriptless Test Automation with TestArchitect

Shift-Left Your Testing

In Agile projects, Automation velocity is key. LogiGear offers the proven practices that enable you to shift testing to the far left of the SDLC, and get Automation done within the same Dev iteration.

  • Test Module Development
  • Interface Mapping Design/Reuse
  • Action Design/Reuse
  • Test Execution

Why LogiGear?

By partnering with us, you can
  • Achieve an average of 80% Test Automation coverage or higher.
  • Realize ROI of Test Automation in a matter of weeks.
  • Save 70% or more of regression testing time.
  • Get Automation implemented early and finished within the same iteration with Dev.
  • Only one set of tests will be able to run across platforms, configurations, & AUT versions.
Our Expertise
LogiGear has delivered complex Test Automation projects for over 2 decades. We have deep experience in Test Automation and will be your guide in your Test Automation journey.

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